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Leaders of freedom fighters Dr. G. D. Bapu Lad founded the Kranti Co-operative Sugar Factory by overcoming many difficulties. It was a big challenge to establish sugar mill in drought-affected areas of Sangli district. The first batch of crop of the factory took place in year 2002-2003. After the successful start of the Factory, it was necessary to increase the production of sugarcane. But this challenge was overcome by farsightedness of baapu and then he took up the most difficult task of increasing the production of Sugarcane. For this, first of all, he established the independent Sugarcane Development Department. In the last 10 years, he and Arun Lad have changed the way of Sugarcane farming radically in the area.


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Date Title Discription

Taluka wise cane harvesting labor list

1 Karanja (Akola)

28 Chopda (Jalgaon)

52 Himaitpagar (Nanded)

77 Shirur (Beed)

101 Akkalkot (Solapur)

2 Balapur (Akola)

29 Jalgaon (Jalgaon)

53 Malegaon (Nashik)

78 Umarkhed (Yavatmal)

102 U Solapur (Solapur)

3 Ahamadnagar (A.Nagar)

30 Jamner (Jalgaon)

54 Satana (Nashik)

79 Jari (Yavatmal)

103 Usmanabad (Solapur)

4 Jamkhed (A.Nagar)

31 Dharangaon (Jalgaon)

55 Mulashi (Pune)

80 Digraj (Yavatmal)

104 Karmala (Solapur)

5 Nevasa (A.Nagar)

32 Pachoda (Jalgaon)

56 Gangakhed (Parbhani)

81 Darvha (Yavatmal)

105 D Solapur (Solapur)

6 Pathardi (A.Nagar)

33 Parola (Jalgaon)

57 Jintur (Parbhani)

82 Ner (Yavatmal)

106 Pandharpur (Solapur)

7 Rahata (A.Nagar)

34 Ambad (Jalna)

58 Purna (Parbhani)

83 Pusad (Yavatmal)

107 Barshi (Solpur)

8 Rahuri (A.Nagar)

36 Ghansangavi (Jalna)

59 Parbhani (Parbhani)

84 Mahagaon (Yavatmal)

108 Mangalvedha  (Solapur)

9 Shrigonda (A.Nagar)

37 Jafarabad (Jalna)

61 Selu (Parbhani)

85 Manora (Yavatmal)

109 Madha (Solapur)

10 Shrirampur (A.Nagar)

38 Jalana (Jalna)

62 Sonpeth

86 Yavatmal (Yavatmal)

110 Malshiras (Solapur)

12 Shevgaon (A.Nagar)

39 Partur (Jalna)

63 Chikhali (Buldhana)

87 Ausa (Latur)

111 Sangola  (Solapur)

13 Usmanabad  (Ubad)

40 Bhokardan (Jalna)

64 Mehkar (Buldhana)

88 Chakur (Latur)

112 Solapur (Solapur)

14 Kalamb (Ubad)

41 Mantha (Jalna)

65 Lonar (Buldhana)

89 Renapur (Latur)

113 Vasmat (Hingoli)

16 Tulajapur (Ubad)

42 Dondaicha (Dhule)

66 Ajalgaon (Beed)

90 Latur (Latur)

114 Shengaon (Hingoli)

17 Bhum (Ubad)

43 Dhule (Dhule)

68 Ambejogai (Beed)

92 Karnja (Vashim)

115 Hingoli (Hingoli)

18 Washi (Ubad)

44 Parola (Dhule)

69 Aashti (Beed)

92 Karnja (Vashim)


19 Aurangabad  (A.Bad)

45 Shirpur (Dhule)

70 Kej (Beed)

94 Mangarulpir (Vashim)


20 Kannad (A.Bad)

46 Sidhkhed (Dhule)

71 Gevrai (Beed)

95 Mangalvedha (Vashim)


21 Gangapur (A.Bad)

47 Nandurbar (Nandurbar)

72 Dharur (Beed)

96 Manora (Vashim)


22 Paithan (A.Bad)

48 Sakhari (Nandurbar)

73 Patoda (Beed)

97 Risod (Vasim)


23 Amalner (Jalgaon)

49 Kandar (Nanded)

74 Beed (Beed)

98 Vashim (Vashim)


24 Arndol (Jalgaon)

50 Naygaon (Nanded)

75 Majalgaon (Beed)

99 Karad (Satara)


27 Chalisgaon (Jalgaon)

51 Hadgaon (Nanded)

76 Vadvani (Beed)

100 Man (Satara)


2018-12-28 Cane Development program held on 22 July 2018 Cane Development program held on 22 July 2018, We will discuss how to cultivate and achieve more benifits
2018-12-28 About Cane Registration in this About Cane Registration in this
2019-03-25 Meeting with all employee It is inform to you all that we held an meeting with our farmer on the farmer growth campaign please all employee be on time on 27 march 10:00 AM
Bapu Lad

Our Core Values

We believe that sugar sector holds immense potential in providing food & energy security for the country which is going to be one of the most important developmental prerequisites in next 5-10 years.

To be the leader in our chosen business area, create an organization that all our constituents are proud to be associated with, set benchmarks that will become the standard for others to emulate and through ethical business practices create wealth for our stakeholders.

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We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea
all the way to the end consumer.


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