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Krantiagrani Ganapati Dadaso Lad


Krantiagrani Ganapati Dadaso Lad was born on 4th Dec 1922 at Kundal.Kundal is one of the villages in Sangli district.His mother’s name Sarajabai and father’s Dadasaheb Lad.Krantiagrani G.D. (Lad) become orphan at his age of 3 when his father died.His mother Sarajabai nurtured him bravely facing very critical conditions. Krantiagrani Ganapati Dadaso Lad completed his primary education at Kundal.His secondary school education at Nipani and for higher education he enrolled himself in Aaurved college,Pune. But he came into contact with the personalities like Krantiveer Nana Patil,Appa Lad, the patriotNathaji Lad and many others consequently G.D.Lad left his higher education incomplete and flung himself into Indian freedom struggle.
G.D.Lad was highly influenced by Mahatama Gandhi,ShahuMaharaj, Karmveer Bhaurav Patil.He came in contact with Mahatma Gandhi,Subhashchandra Bose,Jayprakash Narayan,Rammohan Lohiya, Comrade Shripad Amrut Dange,Kisanveer Nagnathanna Naikwadi, Yashwantrao Chavan,Vasantdada Patil and many others who were leaders in Indian freedom struggle. G.D.(Bapu)Lad was field marshal in ‘Tufan Sena’ which was established by Krantisingh Nana Pail. Kundal was the centre of ‘Tufan sena’.There were five thousand armed youngster in Tufan sena.The aim of Tufan sens was to got India freed from slavery of British rule and was against any type of co-operation with Britishers and for that they could threaten the antiindependence groups and capitalists,who could lead the demonstrations and rallies against British government,confiscate the arms and ammunition from police,loot the treasuries and banks.Overall then Tufan Sena was working for consecutives four years.
Tufan Sena established judiciary war council,Army training Centre,Janata court in southern part of the Satara district. Krantiagrani G.D(Bapu) Lad was the first rate freedom fighter and field marshal in Tufan Sena.People used to call him ‘Krantiagrani’(i.e. pioneer in revolution) with honour and respect.He was married with Vijayatai on 25th May 1944. Post independent activities of Krantiagrani G.D.Lad fight for ‘Sanyukta Maharashtra’,fight for freeing Haidarabad,movement to free Goa,twice representative on legislative assembly of Bilingual state,secretary of Shetakari Kamgar party,leader of Kisan Sabha of Indian Communist party,demonstration and rallies for MSN-workers in Mumbai etc.
Krantiagrani G.D.Lad’s social work—G.D.Lad was influenced by the Karl Mark.He was an anti-capitalist.He worked for co-operation sector, healthcare section,cleanlinesseradication of dowry system,eradication of addiction,untouchability,blind-superstitions.He strongly advocated modernism in agriculture green-revolution,water supply to agriculture giving status of industry to agricultural sector,proper price for agricultural products,electricity supply for agriculture reducing debts of peasands,’Pani-parishad’in draught affected areas etc.He demonstrated for cause of peasants in the areas of Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Solapur etc. Besides, he was against the capitalization and privatization of education to all and the last section of society,He insisted on Law of free education and held education as an instrument of individual social change even more,he advocated the used of information and technology in education,physical growth and development,decentralization of health and education for capitalists,unemployment.
He was arrived ‘Sangli Bhushan’award by ‘Vishva Jagruti mandal’on 25 feb2011 considering his social and political morel.Shivaji university,Kolhapur conferred ‘DiLit’ to G.D.Lad on 12thMarch 2011 considering his contribution in Indian freedom struggle. In his autobiography ‘Petlele Partantrya ani Dhumsade Swatantrya’he mentioned that he never ran away from his challenges.In another book wrote by him entitled ‘Krantiparikrama’he memorized his freedom struggle and his post-independent social work.In addition to that he wrote some articles souvenir’s.
He established ‘Kranti sugar mill’,’ water supply oragnization’, educational organizations’, Co-operative societies’, with the aim that formers could get better returns for their agricultural products. Krantiagrni G.D.(Bapu) Lad’s span of social activities is 25 year pre-independent era and 65 years of post-independent era.He influenced political and social sectors of India upto the age 90years.On 14th Nov.2011.Krantiagrani G.D.(Bapu) Lad passed away.He was honoured by many respectable personalities.