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Environment and Soil Test Lab

Various development schemes are implemented every year by the factories in order to increase the sugar production in the field as well as to increase the production of sugarcane as a result of good quality of the sugarcane crop, as well as to increase sugarcane production in the field of higher yield, and due to the implementation of the scheme, there has been a huge increase in the area and production.
All the insignia and cash required for erosion crops have been made available to the farmers. In these schemes, the farmers have successfully participated in the sugarcane truncated schemes.

Key Features:-
1) Environmental Clearance has been received for Sugar 8500 TCD & 36.00 MW from Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, New Delhi.
2) Environmental Clearance has been received for Distillery with 90 KLPD from Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, New Delhi.
3) Factory Awarded with 'Late Kisan Mahadev Alias Abasaheb Veer Award' for the Best Environmental Conservation In Maharashtra for Season 2016-17, from Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune.
Soil and Water Testing Laboratory:-
Krantiagrani Dr.G.D.Bapu Lad Soil and Water testing labouratory has established in the year 2009-2010 under the National soil health & fertility management project. Which is inauguration by hon.Sharadchandraji Pawar (Ex.Minister of Agriculture Govt of India) as on23 January 2010.
Key Features:-
1)Fullfledged Infrastructure.
2) Advanced Instruments (Nitrogen Analyser, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, UV Visible spectrophotometer).
3) Experinced and qualified Technical staff.
4)Villagewise fertility Fertility index making.
5) Fertilizer recommendation as per soil analysis report.
6) Automatic Weather Station is installed at factory premises.
7) Parameter Analysed – PH, Electrical Conductivity, Available Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, Organic carbon, Calcium Carbonate, Avl.Sulphur, Micronutrients (Zinc, Ferrous, Manganese, Copper, Boron).
8)Analysis Charges -Soil-50/- ,Water-100/-, Plant & tissue -375/-.

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