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Leaders of freedom fighters Dr. G. D. Bapu Lad founded the Kranti Co-operative Sugar Factory by overcoming many difficulties. It was a big challenge to establish sugar mill in drought-affected areas of Sangli district. The first batch of crop of the factory took place in year 2002-2003. After the successful start of the Factory, it was necessary to increase the production of sugarcane. But this challenge was overcome by farsightedness of baapu and then he took up the most difficult task of increasing the production of Sugarcane. For this, first of all, he established the independent Sugarcane Development Department. In the last 10 years, he and Arun Lad have changed the way of Sugarcane farming radically in the area.


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31/05/2024 web Tander alcohol web Tander alcohol Click Here
18/05/24 Modification of boiling house Proposed Expansion of Boiling House & Machinery Foundation Work from reputed and Experienced Contractors Click Here
11/12/2023 Design, manufacturer, procure, supply of the Materials Design, manufacturer, procure, supply of the Materials Supply of Indian Coal for Spent wash Boiler Click Here
10/11/23 Web Tender for Bagasse Web Tender for Bagasse Click Here
10/10/23 Web Tender for loose Bagasse Web Tender for loose Bagasse Click Here

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